Photo courtesy of Pires Photography

Photo courtesy of Pires Photography

When shooting images for a new brand effort must be put into defining the brand and even giving it human characteristics and seeing which way they can be inflected best on the product.

Tell your brand’s story

Marketing research has unveiled that visual marketing is the way to go and brings in more conversions as compared to other forms of media. Unfortunately even with this discovery many marketers are still not exploiting images to the maximum yet this is the best way to tell a brand’s story.

Images will allow you to showcase unique product personalities, bring about interaction and of course keep the customers coming back

Accessorize with colours

You do not have to stick with one shade. For instance green is meant to mean health or environment but there is also another aspect of green. You need to find the right saturation of green and the best colour for green. What message are you passing across? If you want your brand associated with the good times then you must ensure that your colour has enough light to convince the customers that it is so.

Taking shots for an alcohol brand

Don’t just focus on the liquor but bottle as well.

Almost all alcoholic drinks look the same and the only way to break this monotony is by bringing in the bottle. This does not mean that you shoot the entire bottle. Simply zoom in and have the glass and the bottle label. Having an entire bottle in the frame could leave you with a lot of wasted white space.

What kind of glass are you using?

Remember that this is a photo shoot for your brand and one thing must remain clear, everything counts. Do not just use any glass; use a glass that speaks class. A glass that matches the character of the drink. For instance champagne looks good in a flute glass while wine suites the goblet.

So just ensure you have good images because people start taking shots after they see good shots.

Images help you tell a story about what you are selling. Good quality images communicate value and give your brand a persona that gets the customers talking.

Gallery of Images for the Sandro Brand - Photos courtesy of Pires Photography