general Overview

Our workshops are here to help photographers in the community expand their knowledge, build their portfolio or interact with new talent. Our goal is always to provide the best workshops with the best value. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, come out to work in one of our great spaces and meet some phenomenal artists.

Workshops are broken down into Portraiture, Beauty, Fashion, Boudoir, Figure & Form, Creative/Avant Garde,
Dance or Signature Series. You can find detailed information on all of the genres below.



Portraiture can be one of the most difficult things to master in photography. It isn't just finding the right lighting that suits your subject but bringing out the personality of the person that you are photographing. We will help to show you which modifiers are best based on skin tone and the shape of someones face to help hone your skills.



Our beauty workshops bring in both experienced models but also the best makeup and hairstylists to create looks that are clean and elegant or bold and creative. With the combination of a great space, lighting and talent, you can be assured to walk away with photos that you will definitely be putting in your portfolio.



Our fashion workshops go from the very basic of lighting setups all the way to our avant garde series with crazy outfits and advanced lighting.

These workshops are run out of our studios or on location. 

Ritz Carlton Boudoir Shoot-1013-2.jpg


Boudoir workshops allow photographers to learn the lighting, posing and general practice for boudoir photographers. These workshops are run out of our studios or on location. 


figure & Form

Artistic photography has been a popular subject since the very beginnings of the medium, and even before the invention of the camera, the form and figure of the human body has played a significant role in all the visual arts. There’s nothing ‘nudge, nudge, wink, wink’ about this: it’s a celebration of human form, a study of the body’s landscape in all its beauty.

Our Figure and Form workshops will show you how to pose the model for great images and how to sculpt the light to give you something truly beautiful and artistic.


creative/Avant garde

Creative/Avant Garde photography can be as simple as moody lighting with creative clothing, headpieces or even just the use of a simple cloth. Our creative workshops will help to show you that sometimes you don't need a big budget to create a great image. Just timing, the right talent and a little know how.



Dance photography is one of the trickiest as it is all about timing and creating the right lighting conditions to allow for the grace and beauty to really shine through in each image. We bring highly skilled ballerinas into the space or on location to help us not only create great images, but allow us to learn from the pros themselves.


signature series

Our Signature Series will be done through various times in the year. This series brings in local or international photographers to help them talk about their style of photography, lighting and to help you one on one in getting great images. 

Photographers that we have lined up over the next few months include Billie Chiasson and Paul Bucetta.