• The Production Studio (map)
  • 2532 Wharton Glen Avenue
  • Mississauga, ON, L4X 2A9
  • Canada

We are gearing back up at The Production Studio with workshops. We are excited that we have 2 more residency artists now and 8 in total. Since we only have space for 2 more photographers/videographers, we wanted to have a studio drop in for anyone who wants to check out the spaces, ask any questions about our workshops, photography in general or just to hang out.

Residency Program

The Residency Program at The Production Studio is a great way to start utilising a space where you have little overhead and can run your photography business out of. Meeting clients in a professional space can help you land the deal and give you a home base to operate out of. For more information on the residency program visit www.productionstudio.ca/residency. Remember, with 3 spaces to shoot out of there will always be one available and we can make any custom package to suit your needs.

Each space has: 

• A shooting platform 

• 4 c-stands 

• Sand bags 

• Professional makeup station 

• Wireless speaker 

• Clothing rack